Dial A Pet Sitter - a home away from home for your pets
Hamish really hates other dogs, so finding this service as been a revelation when we go off on our hols. We’ve used a couple of different sitters from Jean, and they have both been first class. It really puts our mind at rest knowing our boy is in good hands.
Tony, Foxrock

Unfortunately No. Our service is only suitable for friendly, family pets. We are happy to accommodate puppies as long as they are house and/or cage trained. We are happy to accept all breeds/non breeds as long as they are obedient, non-destructive, and non-aggressive and have a calm and gentle nature.

We do not accept incontinent dogs, dogs that chew furniture or other household items. We do not accept dogs that pull hard on the lead, or boisterous strong dogs. We do not accept bitches that are expected to be or are in season during the booking.

If your dog causes any damage to the carer’s/sitters home whatsoever, any costs must be reimbursed to the carer.

If you are unsure about your dog’s suitability, please call Jean on 083 852 8122 and she will discuss your dog’s particular habits with you, and tell you if we have anyone suitable.

We have carers/sitters throughout Dublin South, Dun Laoghaire, Rathdown and central Dublin and we are sure to have a carer in these area’s with more area’s coming soon. Please telephone us on 083 852 8122 and advise us of the dates you are going away, we can then tell you who is available and their location.

Our dog home boarding service is a five star premium service and is the next best thing to your dog being at home. When they stay with one of our carers, sitters – your dog will live within the carers home and is treated, quite simply like one of their family, dogs from the same home are only allowed to be boarded at our carers/sitters home at anytime.

All of our carers/sitters have been carefully vetted, and they all have third party insurance for your protection.

Early booking is advised, especially for the busy holiday periods and Christmas and new year.

One dog boarding per day – €30.00

Two dogs boarding – €39.00

Three dogs boarding – €50.00

The above are prices for small – medium pets

The fee is made up of two parts. You pay a deposit to confirm your booking and to guarantee the carer/sitter we have selected. The deposit is part of the daily rate and not in addition to it. The balance of the fee is due when you deliver your dog to your carer/sitter and is paid directly to the carer by cash or cheque; please ask your carer/sitter which method they prefer.

No, but we can offer you a collection and delivery service should it be more convenient for you. We charge €20 each way during office hours Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. If you need this service out of office hours, our charges are by negotiation. We do charge double daily rates on Christmas Day, St Stephens day and New Years Day.

No. We charge by the calendar date and not by the 24 hours. This means that you have your carer/sitter available all day on the day that you wish to leave your dog and on the day you wish to collect your dog (particularly early and late times by prior arrangement with the carer/sitter). This gives you complete flexibility.

No. We don’t make provisional bookings. You can call our office and we will tell you who is the closest carer/sitter available for the dates that you need, but we will not hold this carer until we have a confirmed booking.

When a booking is made, we check the information about your dog and select a carer/sitter from our register who we think would be best matched to your dog’s needs and temperament. It is always best to be ‘Truthful’ about your dog – the more information we have the better. We will try to provide you with a carer/sitter close to your home, but we feel that it is more important to introduce you to a carer/sitter who is best suited to your dog. We will call you to discuss the carer we have selected. If you are happy to proceed based on the information we tell you about your carer/sitter, we confirm your booking by taking a deposit payment from you. We will then send you contact details for the selected carer and invite you to contact them.

Yes, your dog should always have its annual vaccinations to protect it against infections and disease. Your dog should also be wormed and be treated for fleas before being placed in one of our carers/sitters homes. It is your responsibility to ensure your pet is free of fleas. If fleas are present, your carer may treat your pet and you will need to reimburse your carer/sitter for any expense incurred.

Everything that you would supply if a friend or neighbour was caring for your dog. For instance: food, biscuits, chews, clean bedding & towels, bowls, leads, toys, poop bags and anything else to make your pets stay comfortable and familiar. If your dog has special dietary needs or medication this is not a problem. If your dog eats fresh chicken or fish, you will need to cook these and provide the food in freezer bags which can be defrosted each day. We suggest that you provide an extra sheet explaining what food or medication should be given and when.

Yes we can arrange this for an extra fee. Our sister partner is Dial A Dog Wash, so you could have your dog groomed, bathed, pampered and smelling great when you collect them on your return from your vacation/business trip. This service must be booked and paid for at the initial time of booking your pet sitter.

Yes. but remember, that it is company policy that dogs are never allowed off their leads for insurance purposes. Most clients are happy to supply a flexi lead. If an owner insists that they want their dog let off their leads, then the carer/sitter must be in agreement, and you must accept full responsibility and liability for your dog while off the lead if your dog runs away, gets lost, causes an accident, bites someone or gets into a fight with another dog.

Our carers/sitters have an emergency number to contact us 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. If your dog becomes ill whilst you are away, your carer/sitter will call us and we will discuss its condition. If we think it is necessary, your dog will be taken to your vets by your carer/sitter providing it is local to them. If not it will be taken to a local vet of our choice. The cost of treatment will be reclaimed on your return. Any costs incurred by the carer/sitter will need to be reimbursed to the carer. We will contact you on your emergency number at the first opportunity to discuss what has happened and keep you updated of your pet’s progress.

Generally this is not allowed, most carers/sitters are happy for the dog to sleep in the bedroom but in their own basket or on the floor. However some carers/sitters do tell us that they have had dogs sleeping on their beds especially the smaller breeds.

If you return from your holiday early and decide to collect your dog before the due date, there is no refund of payment.

If you leave your dog later than the agreed time but on the same day, there is no extra cost or refund; your carer/sitter has been reserved for the day. If you anticipate arriving later we ask that you make your carer aware of your later drop off time so avoiding them waiting longer than necessary and to ensure they are ready to receive your dog. Please call us if you have mislaid your carer’s number. If you drop your dog off on a later day than agreed there is no refund. Your carer/sitter has been reserved for you from the confirmed date and it is unfair to them if you decide to arrive later than expected.

If you have met with your dog carer/sitter and feel that the carer we have selected for you is unsuitable, we can introduce you to another carer or, if you prefer, you will receive a full refund. The refund is only valid if you inform us of your dissatisfaction within three days of meeting your carer/sitter.

If you need to cancel for any other reason or, if you have not met the carer/sitter we have selected for you, then the following cancellation fees apply:

  • If you cancel your booking with less than two weeks notice, you will lose 100% of your deposit.
  • If you cancel your booking giving us between two and four weeks notice, you will lose 50% of your deposit.
  • If you cancel your booking giving us more than four weeks notice, you will receive a full refund less €30 administration fee.

If you do not turn up for your booking or cancel giving less than 24 hours notice the total fee is due.

Yes. If you wish to check with your regular carer/sitter to see if they are free on the particular dates you require before contacting us, please do so. You will always need to make your booking through us. Your records are kept on file, so you need only phone through your dates and we will make a booking and confirm it through to the carer/sitter.

Yes. For first-time customers who have never used our service before there is a minimum of two nights/three day stay. This is to give your dog and our carer/sitter the best opportunity to get to know one another and settle into a mutually happy routine. Once a client has used us, we are then able to book as little as day care to offer you a fully flexible service.

All kinds of people; retired, families, single people, young and old. They all have one thing in common – they are dedicated to caring for all kinds of pets. When we receive an application, they first have to fit our basic criteria: they should not be away from their home for more than 4 hours at any one time, they should have a secure garden,  If they fit our criteria then we arrange to interview them for suitability to our service. Only once they have passed an interview and their homes have been checked, do they come onto our database of carers/sitters.

Before we can give you any contact details for your carer/sitter, you will need to pay the deposit. In doing so, you confirm the booking. Once the deposit has been paid you will receive a confirmation either in the post or via email and you are then invited to contact your carer to make an arrangement to go and visit them with your dog. We respect and protect both client and carer’s confidentiality and will not release any information until a booking is confirmed.

Yes, we insist upon it. We want our clients and carers to meet before the booking starts to ensure that all parties are fully informed and happy. If the client is unhappy about the carer/sitter we have selected, we have an opportunity to offer an alternative. We want our clients to go away relaxed and confident and to know that the person who will be looking after their much loved pet is suitable for their dogs needs.

If, after meeting the selected carer you are unhappy, and you notify us within three days of the meeting, we will introduce you to another carer, or if you prefer, you will be given a full refund. Any feedback about our carers you may wish to gives us is always appreciated and helps us select the right carer in the future.

Yes all pets are important to us, so although our main care service is aimed at dogs, wherever possible we also will arrange care for cats, rabbits, exotic birds and reptiles. Please call Jean on 083 852 8122 with your enquiry for a quote.